Let's Get Started...

How it Works

You send me an email.
I get to know you.
We brainstorm ideas together.
I draw and send you a first draft proof.
You suggest changes or purchase your digital download(s).
Any questions? Just ask!

Send Us an Email...

Send me a message and tell me a little about yourself, your partner, your event, or whatever you think I should know. Give me an idea of what kind of graphic you're interested in, what you plan to use it for, and of course a little of your story! I'll get back to you quickly and we'll make a plan about what we can create together.

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Thanks for submitting!

Common Curiosities 

How much does a graphic cost?

You're only charged a one time fee and once I send your graphic, you own the rights to it to use it how ever you'd like! The price will depend on how detailed you want your graphic to be and how much time it takes to get it just right. You will not be charged until a final design has been agreed on. Simple custom designs start at $30.

Who will print my graphic?

I am happy to do the ordering for you! Fees will vary by order, but there are also a TON of websites that allow you to upload your own custom artwork to put on t-shirts, napkins, gifts, etc.  I am happy to make recommendations.

Can Mine have Color?

Sure! Depending on what your plans for using the graphic are, color might work. However, graphics with color are often difficult to get printed on a variety of items and most companies will only accept black and white images. For that reason, standard digital downloads will only be black and white. If you want pops of color, let me know I'll create both versions!

How do you create the graphics?

I typically start old school with a sketch on blank paper with pencils, sharpies, markers, and pens. From there, I move to a tablet where I make polishing, finishing touches. Occasionally, I will work purely on the tablet. Ultimately, I create a purely black and white image that is sent send to you!